Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The 7th Annual Seattle Beer Week is a few short weeks away!


Friday, May  8th  All Day
Back in Black Stout Fest
We will be tapping 40 plus awesome Stouts from around the world.  We have squirreled away some rare and one off kegs just for this event, from the likes of Alesmith, Breakside, Ballast Point,  Black Raven, Boneyard, E9, Elevation, Elysian, Epic, Evil Twin, Firestone Walker, Evil Twin, Fremont, Green Flash, HUB, Iron Fist, Lost Abbey, Port, Midnight Sun, Mikkeller, Perennial Silver City, Upright and others.

May 12th @ 6pm
Rise of the Hop Monster” is an event with Boneyard, Barley Brown’s and Melvin at Brouwer’s Café on Tuesday, May 12th starting at 6pm.  We are sure that most of you are familiar with at least one of these breweries, as they are all well known for their love of hops, which will be the showcase of this event. They are collaborating on a beer dubbed “The Three Headed Hop Monster” which will be brewed at Barley Brown’s in early April.  So join us in raising a glass in honor of hops, and celebrating these amazing breweries. Representatives from each brewery will be on hand. We are still working out the exact draft list, but it will make hop heads rejoice.

Thursday, May 14th – All Day
Sour Fest
We replace every or just about every tap with a delicious sour beer from around the world.
We will have beers/ciders from 10 Barrel, Almanac, Bear Republic, BFM, Boulevard, Crux, Destihl, Double Mountain, E9, Elysian, Evil Twin, Finn River, Firestone Walker, Logsdon, Lost Abbey, Magic Rock, Mikkeller, New Belgium, Paradox, pFriem, Perennial, Russian River,  Telegraph, The Bruery and others.

Slow Ride with New Belgium’s Jamie Mastin, Saturday May 16th.

What better way to wrap up and wind down Seattle Beer Week than with a Slow Ride around town?  Join New Belgium’s Jamie Mastin and Brouwer’s Nat Pellman for a laid back pedal around the north end, complete with entertainment, heckling, stories and more!

Oh you want the details?  Get your cruiser out of the garage, pump up your tires, and meet us at the Burgundian @ 10am, where we will fuel ourselves with a delicious breakfast.  At 11:30am we will head out for a short pedal to The Yard in Greenwood to quench our thirst, then make a few more stops before heading to the finish line at Brouwer’s Café.  This is a leisure ride, with swag and surprises along the way! So come join in the fun!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Please join us in our 10th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, March 28th!


Our 10th Anniversary, on Saturday March 28th, a major milestone for us! It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years already, or just how much Seattle and the Craft Beer Industry has changed! What were you doing in 2005? What’s your first (or favorite!) Brouwer's memory? We’d love to know!

In honor of this 10-year milestone we have two very special beers to share with you. New Belgium was kind enough to open up their “wood forest” and allow us to blend a sour beer.  We had a great time hanging out with Eric Salazar, on a sunny December day in Fort Collins, where we tasted close to 20 different fouders. We came up with a 50/50 fouder blend we think everyone will enjoy, but this is a draft only offering.

The second beer was brewed at one of our favorite Seattle Breweries, Reuben’s Brews. Adam, Mike and Thor were great hosts and allowed us to sit in on the brew, on a sunny Monday in early March. This IIPA, appropriately named Gobsmacked (a British slang term for astonished) is a blend of Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy Hops, and it will have your lips smacking. 

We are also known for hiding beers in our cellar for a future, special day, and that day is upon us! So, we’ve been digging around looking for beers worthy of our 10th Anniversary, including as many past anniversary beers (from both Brouwers and Bottleworks) as we can find. Attached is the list of the 17 beers we’ve come up with thus far, but we are shooting to put a total of 20 on draft for this event. 10 for the 10th and 10 for the next 10 years!

Anchorage/Grass Roots Artic Soiree Saison
Allagash PNC Broken Elevator
Black Raven King Dandy
Hair of the Dog Matt ’10
HUB Copperworks Gin Barrel Aged A-bomb
HUB Oola Barrel Aged A-bomb
HUB Westland Barrel Aged A-bomb
Firestone Walker Hat Trick Sour
Firestone Walker PNC Buckwheat Stout
Fremont Old Bridgerider Brouwer’s 7th Anniversary 
Lost Abbey Bottlework’s XV
New Belgium Decenium Brouwer’s 10th  Anniversary Sour Ale
Reuben’s Brews Brouwer’s 10th Anniversary Gobsmacked IIPA
Russian River Bottleworks IX Deviation
Stone Bottleworks 13
The Bruery Bottleworks XII
Flyer’s Brouwer’s 8th Anniversary

Thursday, March 5, 2015

13th Annual Hardliver Barleywine Festival March 14th and 15th

Is your liver ready?  Have you provided it with sufficient punishment, or are you waiting for the festival?  We are really close to finalizing the list, but most of the Barleywine is in the cooler and awaiting next Saturday's event.  How early will someone line up this year?  How long will the line be?  What is going to be the crowd favorite?  We are full of questions...  Only time will tell.  On March 14th we will kickoff the 13th Annual Hardliver, it is older than we are, as our 10th Anniversary is just around the corner, on March 28th.  There will be more details on that event in a few as well. 
Lets get back to Hardliver, we are going to post the list here in a few, remember as with all things in life this is not to be taken as the law, things change, we make last min changes, but you can count on most if not all of what we post today to be on the draft at the festival.  We are hoping to have some surprises for you as well.  Without any more chatter here is most of what will be on draft..

Alesmith Old Numbskull ’14
Almanac Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine '14
Anacortes Old Sebastes '07
Amnesia 10th Anniversary BBL Barleyewine
Avery Hog Heaven '14
Bainbridge Old Toe Jam ’13
Ballast Point Three Sheets BBl-Aged Barleywine
Big Sky Four Roses Old Bluehair ’12
Big Time Old Wooly '14
Black Raven Old Birdbrain 2013
Deschutes Mirror Mirror ’09
Dogfish Head Olde School ’14
Double Mountain  Off the Wagon Belgian Style '14
Engine House #9  Barrel Aged Thunder Buddies '13
Evil Twin Freudian Slip
Firestone-Walker §ucaba ’13
Gigantic Massive! ’14
Green Flash/Cigar City Candela Rye Barleywine
Heathen Reindeer Tears Barrel-Aged ‘14
High Water Old and in the Way ’14
Iron Fist Raisin’ a Fist '14
Laguntias Olde GnarleyWine ’11
Laurelwood Santa’s Woody '14
Lompoc Old Tavern Rat ’14
Lost Abbey Angel’s Share ’12
Mad Viking Pillage the Village
Midnight Sun Arctic Devil ’13
Midnight Sun Termination Dust Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian ‘14
Mikkeller Big Worster Barleywine
Old School House Barelywine '14
Pelican Stormwatcher’s Winterfest Barleywine ‘14
Perennial Vermilion Barleywine '14
Pike Old Bawdy ’11
Reel Ales 102  
Reuben’s Brews Auld  Heritage '15
Seven Seas BBL Old Wheelchair ’13
Sierra Nevada Big Foot Barleywine ’14
Silver City Old Scrooge
Sound Brewery Westland Aged Old Scoundrel '14
Southern Tier Back Burner '13
Telegraph Rhinoceros Hoppy Red Wine BBL Aged
To Øl Mine is Bigger than Yours'14
Triplehorn BBL Aged BYGGVIN '14
Uinta Anniversary Barleywine

Sunday, January 18, 2015

March is going to be awesome!!


13th annual Hardliver Barleywine Festival- March 14th and 15th

Our Hardliver Barleywine Festival, which had its first few years at the Phinney Ridge Neighboorhood Center  will be back for its 13th consecutive year. With over 45 barleywines pouring on draft, we suggest you start hardening that liver immediately! This year we plan on hosting all you lovers of that sticky nectar that is barley wine on Saturday, March 14th and Sunday, March 15th.  

For Immediate Release: Brouwer’s 10th Anniversary party Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29th.

Wow! Do you remember 2005? We do! 2005 was the year we opened our doors and poured our first beer. Back in 2005, Matt “Vern” Vandenbergh brought what he had learned from Bottleworks bottleshop, at the time already into its 5th year, and created Brouwer’s Café. On March 23, 2005, we opened our doors to the public, and the rest (as they say) is history. With over 60 taps, 300 bottles, a wide selection of whisky and whiskey, and a menu based around the hearty and delicious cuisine of Belgium, Brouwer’s has remained one of Seattle’s premiere beer destinations for the whole of its (almost) 10 years. Every year since our first anniversary we’ve worked with a variety of breweries to create a unique anniversary beer. For our 10th year of pouring pints and snifters to the beer lovers of Seattle and abroad we’ll have two beers to celebrate with. We teamed up with Reuben’s Brews’ Adam Robbings to create a hop-bomb of a beer that would be worthy of such a big milestone in our history. At the young age of 2 years old, Reuben’s has easily become one of our favorite breweries in town, as well as one of our friends. We’ve been happy to host their staff and patrons for both their 1st and 2nd anniversaries, and we’re honored to have them brewing our 10th anniversary beer. Our 10th anniversary beer is a 10% imperial IPA that we have named Gobsmacked and will be available in a very limited number of bottles, as well as on draft. For Bottleworks’ 10th anniversary we worked with the one and only New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado. We thought it would be fun to Blend a Brouwer’s 10 as well, and we headed down hang out and blend a beer in early December. Eric and Lauren were kind enough to open up the wood cellar at New Belgium and we had an amazing day.  We tasted somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 different fouders and came up with a beer that we are very happy with.  New Belgium’s contribution will be a draft only affair, and we’ll be pouring it like it’s hot at our anniversary party.  We will also be digging in to the cellar and pulling out some past anniversary beers.  Mark your calenders and plan on having a great day!

Friday, December 26, 2014

We are proud to be hosting the Kickoff Party for the Washington Hop Mob Triple Ipa Roadshow on February 6th @3pm!

A Celebration of Washington’s Biggest and Hoppiest Brews

The Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow celebrates hoppy beers and showcases the talents of Washington’s breweries

 The 2nd Annual Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow (Hop Mob) is a two-week celebration of the hoppiest of all Washington-brewed beer styles. Over 30 Washington breweries signed up to produce special batches of Triple IPA to pour at a series of events around the Puget Sound region during February.

Hop Mob begins with the official Hop Mob Kickoff at Brouwer’s Café in Seattle (400 N. 35th Street) on Friday, February 6 and concludes with the Hop Mob Finale at Pike Brewing in Seattle (1415 1st Avenue) on Saturday, February 21. Sandwiched between those dates, various beer-focused bars around the Puget Sound area will host Hop Mob Roadshow events.

The Hop Mob Kickoff and the Hop Mob Finale will each feature over 30 Triple IPAs on tap—all of the Hop Mob beers. Each Hop Mob Roadshow event features at least a dozen of the beers on tap. Locations currently signed up to host Hop Mob Roadshow events include Flatstick Pub in Kirkland; the Red Hot in Tacoma; and Naked City Brewery and Taphouse in Seattle. More locations and events will be added in the coming weeks. A complete calendar of events is available on the official Hop Mob website, www.wahopmob.com.

The event showcases Washington-brewed Triple IPAs, perhaps the most boldly hoppy of all beer styles. Typically this style of beer weighs in at more than 9 percent Alcohol by Volume and features profound hop character, whether in the form of bitterness, aroma, or both.

“Triple IPA is a difficult style of beer to master and breweries that do it well are highly revered,” says Kim Sharpe Jones of the Washington Beer Blog, which is helping organize and promote the events. “Some out-of-state Triple IPAs get an enormous amount of attention and cause beer enthusiasts to swoon like preteens at a One Direction concert. Our goal with Hop Mob is to show that Washington’s brewers can produce beers that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of those ballyhooed, out-of-state beers. Also, it’s a great excuse to drink some really excellent stuff.”

Beyond the beer, Hop Mob is a celebration of hops and the relationship between hop farmers and brewers. To brew a good Triple IPA, brewers use a substantial amount of malted barley, which provides the elevated alcohol content. To balance-out the malty sweetness and give the beer its requisite hoppy character, brewers rely on substantial quantities of hops.

In Washington, hops are more than an ingredient, they’re a way of life. The Yakima Valley produces between 75 and 80 percent of the nation’s hop crop each year and some of the farms are operated by families that have grown hops for four and five generations.

For more information about Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow, visit the official website at www.wahopmob.com or contact Kendall Jones at kjones@wahopmob.com.

We are currently working on a list of the participating breweries...we do know that Fremont Brewing brewed theirs a couple of days ago.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Can you believe its the end of the year! Mark your calenders with some of this info.

Mark your calenders, we will be closed on December 24th and 25th so that our employees can enjoy the holiday.  We will also be closed on January 1st, so that we can recover from the holidays.  That said what follows is a rough idea of the next few months:

Wednesday, January 21st @6pm- "Off the Wagon" art show with local artists Kevin "Sensei 23" Sullivan and Solace Wonder.  I bet you can guess the theme of the show.  We are hoping to have a one of a kind mini pint glass for sale at the event, as well as many pieces from these two artists.  The art will be up till the end of February.

Wednesday, January 28th- @6pm East vs West, Victory Brewing vs Elysian Brewing, the breweries will battle for best in show in 5 different beer styles.  We are hoping to have a DJ on hand as well.

Friday, February 6th-  @3pm Washington Hop Mob Triple Ipa kickoff party.  Last year this event was on the Monday of President's weekend and we had a total of 16 Washington Triple Ipas on draft.  This year it has been moved to an earlier date, and has grown from 16 to 30 plus.  We will be starting at 3pm, we will offer 6oz and 12oz options.

Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15 --13th Annual Hardliver Barleywine Fest-- Get your livers ready.

Saturday, March 28th- 10th Anniversary Celebration-- We will have a couple of Anniversary beers released this day as well as lots of special beers on draft from around the world.

That gets us through till April, we have some Seattle Beer Week plans in the works, but expect that Back in Black Stout Fest will be Friday, May 8th and Sour Fest will be Thursday, May 14th.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Bigwood Festival starts Thursday and runs through the weekend.

Here ye! Here ye!  It's Monday, this Thursday we are celebrating our 8th Annual Bigwood-Wood Aged Beer Fest.  The doors open at 11am.  This is one of our favorite festivals all year, maybe thats why we save it till the end.  We feel that this years list is going to be very well received, we have worked over the years and especially over the past year to amass a wide variety of awesome.  We will be doing some special tappings at 2pm, 6pm, and 8pm, they will be announced 15 mins before the time of tapping.  Here you go:
There are a few changes from the last time this was posted---due to errors on our side-- There will be no Tilquin, and we have changed the Almanac to the Sour Porter, we also added Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Narwhal.

Alameda Bbl-Aged Ol’ Alger Barleywine Nitro (11%) Portland
Almanac Farmers Reserve Sour Porter  (%) San Francisco
Avery Tweak No. 1 Bbl-Aged Coffee Imp. Stout (18.5%) Boulder
Bainbridge Island Broadhead Bbl-Aged Red (8.5%) Bainbridge Island
Boneyard Barrel-Aged Suge Knight Imperial Stout (14%) Bend
Boulevard Rye on Rye ’13 (12%) Kansas City
Cantillon Cuvée Saint Gilloise (5%) Anderlecht
The Commons Putin from the Wood (8%) Portland
Crux Fermentation Oud Bruin Cake/Freak Cake (10.5%) Bend
De Struise Blackberry Albert Imp Stout (13%) Oosvleteren
Deschutes Abyss ’14 (12%) Bend
Destihl Dekerra Strawberry Sour (7.5%) Normal
Elevation Rum Bbl-Aged Horchata Imp. Porter (8.5%) Breckenridge
Elevation Chardonnay Bbl-Aged Imp. Farmhouse Ale (9.86%) Breckenridge
Elevation Breckinridge Bourbon Quad (11.73%) Breckenridge
Elysian Gourdfather Bbl-Aged Pumpkin Barleywine () Seattle
Engine House #9 NEFILIBATA (5.8%) Tacoma
Finnriver Rye Fire Barrel Cider (8%) Chimacum
Firestone Walker Parabola '11(12.5%) Paso Robles
Fremont Bourbon Bbl-Aged Darkstar Coffee Edition ’14 (11%) Seattle
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (12.5%) Chicago
Full Sail Top Sail Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imperial Porter (11%) Hood River
Hale’s Gold Rush ’13 (10%) Seattle
Hair of the Dog Ardbeg Adam from the Wood (10%) Portland
Iron Fist Rum Barrel Dark Day Imp Stout (14.3%) Vista
Logsdon Oak Aged Bretta (8%) Hood River
Lompoc Port Bbl-Aged Big Bang Red ’14 (8%) Portland
Lost Abbey Cuvée De Tomme ’13 (11%) San Marcos
LoverBeer Madamin Italian Sour (6.2%) Marentino
Midnight Sun Berserker (11.4%) Anchorage
New Belgium Coffee Sour () Fort Collins
North Sound BBL Imperial Red () Mt Vernon
Odin O&S Cabernet Barrel-Aged Saison (8%) Seattle
Old School House Oaked Imp Porter (9%) Winthrop
Pelican Mother of All Storms (13%) Pacific City
Perennial La Bohème Bbl-Aged Cherry Sour (6%) St. Louis
Pike Bbl-Aged Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale (8.5%) Seattle
Port Older Viscosity ’14 (12%) San Marcos
Propolis Prunus Malbec Aged Cherry Flanders Red (8.2%) Pt Townsend
Reuben’s Brews Bbl-Aged Imperial Stout (12%) Seattle
Russian River Supplication ’11 (10%) Santa Rosa
Schooner Exact Whiskey Dick Bbl-Aged Pumkin Beer (10%) Seattle
Seven Seas Bbl-Aged Imperial Stout () Gig Harbor
Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Narwhal Imp. Stout (10.4%) Chico

Silver City Fat Woody ’14 (9.7%) Silverdale
Sound Brewery Barrel-Aged Ursus Spelaeus Stout (10%) Poulsbo
Surly Eight (???) Minneapolis
Surly Pentagram (6.66%) Minneapolis
Stone Barrel-Aged Arrogant Bastard (7.2%) Escondido
‘T Hofbrouwerijke Anarkriek (8.5%) Beerzel 
The Bruery Bottleworks XII 2.0 Raspberry Sour (8%) Placentia
Victory White Monkey Bbl-Aged Belgian Golden (9.5%) Downingtown

Are you salivating?  Get on over to the Big Time for an Old Wooly Barleywine that is getting released today!